Laboratório do Consumidor carries out qualitative and quantitative studies to meet the clients’ needs, as well as proposes innovative techniques to meet the specific demands of each job.

Main studies carried out

  • Consumer Researches
    • Evaluation of advertisement campaigns
      • Researches to support the development of advertisement campaigns
      • Researches to support marketing strategies
      • Evaluation of short and full-length films
      • Evaluation of logo brands
      • Evaluation of concepts, products and services
      • Studies about brand image
      • Studies about positioning and segmentation of products / services
      • Package Tests
      • Product Tests
      • Research on Customer Satisfaction
    • Business to Business Studies
    • Endomarketing Projects
    • Corporate Image Research
    • Researches on Internal Corporate Environment


  • Qualitative:
    • Focus Groups
    • In-depth Interviews
    • Ethnographic studies 
  • Quantitative:
    • Intercept approach
    • Household Interview 
    • By-phone interview
    • By-Internet (e-mail, website, intranet)
    • Desk research
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