"Capital Innovation, specialized in developing innovative products, had to conduct a qualitative ethnological study in Brazil, in order to better understand the Brazilian usage and culture related to a specific product. This work was done on behalf of SEB, an international group developing and distributing household appliances. As we are not from Brazil and do not know the culture, we asked Laboratório do Consumidor to assist us for that study. Their role was to recruit, install cameras, send us the videos for them to be analyzed, and assist us during a final interview with the consumers.

This heavy study, consisting in recording 5 consumers during two weeks in their day-to-day life, with a tight schedule and strict deadlines required a dedicated attitude and they made sure everything went as planned. Once in São Paulo, they gave us a good portrait of the culture and the market in order to prepare us for the interviews. Then they rapidly understood our way of working which made the interviews go smoothly, with a lot to learn. We appreciated their experience in understanding the profiles and nature of the consumers helping us to decode better their needs and usage.

For this particular work, I have the feeling that Laboratório do Consumidor and Capital Innovation, made a good team and we would be very happy to renew the experience once again.

Wishing them the best,"
Jean-Yves Corbin (Partner / Study director)
Maxime Vauprès (Project Manager)
Jean-Luc Alfonsi (Project Manager)
Capital Innovation

“Laboratório do Consumidor is very efficient in assisting us, providing a complete equipment structure and knowledge for better understanding the behavior of Klin’s customers, offering services beyond our expectations specially in what concerns deep and impartial analyses.” 
Diego Anhê Capel
Marketing Research 
KLIN Produtos Infantis Ltda

“Laboratório do Consumidor is a reliable, agile option and, most importantly, it is a partner! Flexibility has always been its key to meet a range of different needs - both in quantitative and qualitative studies; not only in SP-Rio markets but also in more distant areas.”
Ken Fujioka
Partner, vice-president and planning director of Loducca

“We were satisfied with the performance of Laboratório do Consumidor. Even when conducting a research in 4 countries, it showed coordination, control and high-standard analysis with a reasonable cost. I would like to keep up with it for further projects ” 
Takeshi Hosomura
Marketing Company of Toyota in Japan

“The focus-group study made the client aware of the real market and the wishes of its customers. From the scope and the screening, up to its impartial study conduction, ˜Laboratório do Consumidor” always showed to be observing the most subtle details and any comments brought up by respondents. The final report showed some relevant data that, in practical terms, resulted in a best briefing for the development and eventually, the launching of the product.”
Fernando Bianco
Company: Casa Rosada (casarosada.com.br)
Product: Crash Helmet VAZ V10
Result: Potential Customer Market
A study about color, graphics and composition.
Brand awareness and technical analysis of the product

“The research conducted by Laboratório do Consumidor was fundamental for properly directing our marketing strategy. We were able to have details of our customers’ needs and expectations concerning our products, to clear up what was needed for taking decisions and defining ideal ways to be following.”
Claudio Vaz
Marketing & Sales Manager
Pom Pom Produtos Higiênicos Ltda.

"We contracted with Laboratório do Consumidor through a bidding involving several companies of the segment. It provided us with the best cost-benefit condition. We were very satisfied with the obtained results. Although our company does not usually count on research studies as a supporting tool, we had all that was needed for the success of our activities. "
Marco Aurélio C. da Costa
Marketing Analyst 
Inter Partner Assistance

“The project Laboratório do Consumidor carried out with us has helped to clear up the real interpretation and understanding of our target in what concerns our communication efforts. The whole process was conducted as a partnership, from the developing of the research guide up to the analysis of results, providing us with inputs for better using and heading our communication strategies.”
Augusto Martinez de Almeida
Mudar Construction Company

“I counted on Laboratório do Consumidor for the first time in a 3-year project for Otis Elevator Company carried out some years ago. After that and, whenever possible, I prefer working with them. As far as I’m concerned, the great differential points of Laboratório do Consumidor are not only the very deep analyses and comprehensiveness of contents but also the availability of their professionals to support their clients in finding solutions for issues that quite often go beyond research studies.”
Gisleyne Bechilia
Phrae Comunicações

“All phases of the research were carried out as a partnership with Relsa Brasil, enabling us to make better use of the results and heading more properly our future working strategies. The research study the Laboratório do Consumidor conducted with our customers succeeded in meeting our expectations providing results that enabled to understand the real needs of our target, an essential management tool for the strategic plan of our company. " 
Luis Henrique Schiavo
Relsa Brasil

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